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Jewellery Care

Your piece of Marina Civiero jewellery is made from high quality materials and hand crafted with love, care, and energy.

When not wearing your jewellery store it in a box, or safe place out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to light may affect metal colour and cause tarnishing. Avoid keeping metal jewellery in damp places as this may also affect the colour.

There is a simple rule for jewellery wear. ‘Last on, first off.’ Ensure your hands are clean, free from make-up, sunscreen, hairspray, body moisturiser, etc. Before picking out your jewellery, be sure to wash your hands. These products can cause tarnishing.

Avoid spraying any type of perfume, fragrance, or essential oil directly onto jewellery as this can cause tarnishing AND possibly damage gemstones, in particular pearls and coral.

Over time, your jewellery accumulates dirt, just like your clothes do. To keep it looking its best, it is recommended you clean it every few months. Do this by using mild soap, e.g., dishwashing liquid, in warm water. Soak the piece for 10 minutes. Clean around and behind the stones with a soft toothbrush.

Porous gems need extra caution. These include coral, shell, amber, turquoise, bone, and pearls. Chemicals, including perfumes, and cleaners can damage the surface and discolour these porous gems.

It is highly recommended you remove your jewellery before swimming in a chlorinated pool. Also consider removing dress rings before doing heavy manual labour, lifting weights, gardening etc.

When wearing hoops, gently twist the opening of the hoops to insert onto lobes. This will avoid pulling the circle/hoop out of shape. Avoid wearing them to bed, as this can easily squash the hoops.

Use a special Silver Cloth to keep silver clean. Jewellery Cleaning Cloths are suitable for gold and stones. You can buy one here (shipping in Australia only)


Some sterling silver pieces are oxidised to bring out details in intricate designs or to create a moody, dark feel. Oxidisation is a chemical process that changes only the surface of silver metal. It does age and wear off with time. All oxidised pieces have a thin layer of wax applied to assist in maintaining and extending the life of this finish. The oxidised surface finish can be reapplied on most pieces for a small fee. Please email marina@marinaciviero.com.au to enquire. You will have to post your piece, with a prepaid postage bag to

Marina Civiero

PO Box 9,

Earlwood NSW 2206



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