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I am a contemporary jeweller, working on Gadigal Land in Sydney’s Inner West, Australia. I studied at Design Centre Enmore, TAFE NSW, where I graduated with a Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design and Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture. Specialising in modern, made by hand jewellery, my evolving range leans into minimal designs with the occasional foray into ornamental, decorative elements.

I enjoy using colour in my work, mostly with gemstones. If I had to pick a favourite stone, it would be lapis lazuli, or maybe pink tourmaline or pyrite. I really can’t decide! In my final year of Jewellery Manufacture I was awarded the Highly Creative Use of Gems Student Award, for my major works. 

Taking inspiration from many sources, including interiors, fabrics and nature, I also enjoy incorporating texture into my making. Using textile techniques such as printing and weaving, there is a strong sense of hand work and stitching. Through attempting to replicate textile processes and textures, there is a reminder of my childhood and of my mother constantly hand and machine knitting, sewing, and stitching.

I have enjoyed making jewellery since the early 1990's. It was in my exploration of various artistic mediums, that I discovered using metal and an assortment of other materials, to produce small sculptural forms, and that these forms could convey messages, from the grand to intimate and everything in between. I could imagine, draw, create a work that was then worn, moving with the body, becoming part of its environment, and interacting with others.

I love many forms of making but ultimately, I want to make jewellery. Working through my hands, I bridge my imagination, to create these forms and tiny sculptures, to bring the detail into focus. The magic of coaxing a material into playing is ever present, and I get excited when it yields and meets me on the journey. Sometimes when I finish a piece, I get a little melancholy about the journey being over, just like when you finish a good book. Then it’s time to start the next piece!

My jewellery making  and business has included a retail shop front in Newtown, participating in design markets, contributing to contemporary jewellery exhibitions, and wholesaling to boutiques and design galleries across Australia. 

I have also had a fulfilling teaching career at TAFE NSW for over 15 years and have delivered various jewellery workshops, including at Sturt School, Mittagong and MakerSpace &Co, Marrickville.